Muscle groups in Selected Activities

Muscle work in groups to produce specific joint movements. Efficiency of movement can be improved upon by studying the mechanics of movement at a joint, and making necessary changes. (Muscle Memory)

Training for strength and flexibility can influence the efficiency of movement.

Lifting and Carrying Objects-

Place the object close to or between spread feet, squat with an erect trunk, activate abdominal muscles and tilt pelvis backward. Use the hip and knee extensors to generate slow, smooth force. Carry the lifted object close to you body.

Common Mechanical Errors: Walking and Running

Stiff-legged running increases rotational inertia, and increases joint stress. Keep joint movements in the anterior-posterior direction to eliminate trunk rotation. (running strait)

Do not propel too high off the ground and reduce impact by running softly and quietly.

Common Mechanical errors: Throwing and Striking

The more joints involved in a throwing motion, the more speed can be produced. Lack of trunk rotation and poor coordination of timing with shoulder movement can result in low velocity.

When striking, rotate the trunk to increase impact of the strike. Hip, trunk and upper limb movements should follow each other with fluid timing.

Beginners often stop one movement before beginning the next. Increased bat velocity results in increased impact on the ball, and greater transfer of momentum.


** Disclosure- Everything from this article was found in the book Fitness Professional’s handbook Sixth Edition**


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